Why Jnana IPC Analytics?

With presence in North America, Europe,Turkey, Africa, Middle East, and India, and partners with extensive service delivery experience across the globe. Jnana IPC Analytics brings the right combination of deep expertise with a robust toolset, operational management framework, global use cases, and an approach that is under pinned by the Shift-Left mindset.

We go beyond just the tool; we leverage our deep insights and global experience across 100+ clients to harvest your data for key insights and identify the root cause of service disruptions and poor client experience.

Jnana IPC Applied Ticket Analytics Toolset

Our Jnana IPC Analytics toolset was built upon 20+ years of global operational experience. With insights gleaned from millions of records. Its geared towards cutting through the noise and harvesting key insights using a structured and guided approach. This allows for faster identification of actionable insights.

Our toolset, unlike others, is not a blank canvass where you load your data and then conduct your very own discoveries and explorations.

Jnana IPC takes you through a guided sequence of steps to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of your data to uncover key insights, trends, and patterns in a much more efficient manner.

Operational Management Reference Framework

The Operational Management Reference Framework has been developed from extensive global experience across a diverse set of industries and countries. It focuses on Operational Management, First Line Management, Upline Management, And People Management Systems.

These primary dimensions aim to strike the right balance between establishing Employee Engagement Initiatives, Management & Governance Systems, Processes, And Tools & Technology.

Global Use Cases

The Use Cases have been developed from extensive global experience across a diverse set of industries and countries.

In each case, it was the same issues, having the same impact, and caused by the same underlying reasons.

The Jnana IPC Analytics Framework has captured these issues and using our proven toolset, we are able to identity and provide recommendations to remediate the issues in a timely manner.

Shift-Left Framework

Shift left is a principle that focuses on sharing knowledge within your organization so that issues are resolved much quicker and closer to the source, clients are up and running much faster, and the organization incurs lesser cost as a result of higher levels of support being engaged.

Using Jnana IPC Analytics with its Advanced Toolset, Global Use Cases, and Operational Management Reference Framework, we are able to more quickly identify opportunities to drive the Shift Left Strategy.

Ready to listen to what your data is telling you?