The Employee Engagement, Enablement, & Empowerment Process

July 17, 2022

The Employee Engagement, Enablement, & Empowerment Process

Organizations spend a fortune on new technology, processes, and change management consultants, but still struggle with implementing change.
Jñāna has the answer – an employee engagement & enablement system that understands how and why employees think and feel the way they do.
Implementing change is hard enough, but when you add in the fact that employees often don’t understand or agree with new changes, it becomes almost impossible. With Jñāna’s employee engagement & enablement system, you can finally overcome this obstacle and implement change successfully.

A Jñāna Optimized Unified Delivery Model understands that success is dependent on implementing organizational change that not only understands the delicate and important interactions between technology, processes, and people, but realizes the importance of an effective employee engagement & enablement system. A System that strives to better understand how and why the employees are thinking and feeling a certain way, and how those thoughts and feelings are translated into actions or inactions. No matter how new or innovative the technology is,or how many processes have been written, unless the employee behaviours are understood and addressed, the organization will always struggle with implementing change,and risk will always be inherent in the day to day operations.


The Objective of the process:


Identify systems to better engage, enable, and empower employees so that the organization is better positioned to meet its Revenue, Profit, and Customer Satisfaction targets.


Sample List of Benefits:

  • Engaged, enabled, empowered employees will be more productive, more efficient, and     more loyal to the organization.
  • Improved connectedness with the organization.
  • Lowered absenteeism rates.
  • Reduced attrition rates.
  • More positive attitudes.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Improved collaboration amongst employees and teams.
  • Improved relationships between employees and management.
  • Improved ability to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Increased creativity.

Sample List of Observations:


  • Trust issues
  • Not feeling part of team
  • Opportunities not open to everyone
  • Lack of management support
  • No career development
  • No awards or recognition
  • Lack of team strategy, planning
  • Issues with other teams
  • Lack of 1-on-1 meetings
  • Lack of information sharing across the team
  • Not working as ONE TEAM
  • Team does not see managers as part of the team
  • Workload issues
  • Not being utilized for the skills, experience and education
  • No Performance Management, no regular feedback
  • The Dept. does not have a vision or mission statement
  • There is no KMS tool - use file shares or emailing documents
  • Ticketing tool is too slow, complicated and people are not responsible for writing detailed documentation for specific problems.
  • The (Tickets) are not reviewed. There is no quality management program in place.
  • There are no formal training program, refresh-training program, or skill-gap analysis programs.
  • When management is on vacation morale is high and work is getting done.


Sample List of Recommendations:

  • Implement systems to reconnect with employees:

            o  EE1 - Employee Development

            o  EE2 - Communications

            o  EE3 - Employee/Manager Feedback Programs

            o  EE4 - Monthly Accomplishments

            o  EE5 - Employee Council

            o  EE6 - Employee Social Events

            o  EE7 - Awards & Recognition Program

            o  EE8 - Round Table Discussions with Sr. Leaders

            o  EE9 - Skip Level Interviews with Sr. Leaders

            o  EE10 - Structured 1-on-1 Meetings

            o  EE11 - Structured Team Meetings

            o  EE12 - Pre-Shift Process / Daily WHY

            o  EE13 - Weekly Scorecard / Monthly Operational Reports

            o  EE14 - Inter-Department Management

            o  EE15 - Employee Lunch & Learns

            o  EE16 - Employee Roles & Responsibilities

            o  EE 17 - Employee Performance Reviews Management

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